Wines as nature intended

Weingut Peter Plewe

Peter Plewe trained as a winemaker at Robert Schmitt vineyard in Randersacker Germany.  He moved to Hammelburg, three hours north of Munich, in the Saale valley, where independent winegrowers are still found.  He is now a staunch supporter of organic farming and his vineyards are cultivated according to organic guidelines and certified annually. This means that he uses no herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.

He cultivates on an area 4 hectares just outside Hammelburg. Varieties such as Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus, St. John, Femdom, Regent and Pinot Noir are grown there.  Due to soil conditions and low rainfall, the wines have a more characterized substance and a high mineral content, creating unadulterated wines of distinctive character.